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How much does it cost to apply for the U.S. Citizenship test?

There are three cases, as described below. If you are:

  • Under 75 years old: The filing fee alone is $595, plus biometrics fee of $80. That makes it $675 total just to apply.
  • 75 or older: You will pay just the filing fee, no biometrics. That makes it $595.
  • A U.S. military member: Free! (Section 328 and 329 of the INA)

More information and resources about preparing for the actual U.S. Citizenship Test can be found at www.CitizenshipCoach.com


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In 2009, it costs at least:

  • $675 to file your citizenship application
  • $300 or more to have a professional fill out the N-400 form for you
  • $100 or more just to talk to an immigration lawyer
  • $1,000 or more if you hire an immigrantion lawyer
  • Thousand dollars more if you fail your citizenship test/interview

After paying all that, you’d better pass the test or lose all the money!

The USCIS give you a free citizenship CD (questions and answers) and a whole book to study… Wow! However, the book has so much information that you probably don’t have time to study it all. The CD is only good if your English was perfect like that of a natural born American. So, the only good and free thing you can get from the USCIS is the free citizenship application form (N-400). So, what would you do now?

Many people spend so much $$$$money$$$$ on the application and lawyers, and then try to save $5-$10 on the study material by buying the cheapest one on the market. One thing is sure: The new citizenship test is not easy; even a majority of natural American citizens fail that test. Therefore, we suggest that you try to get the best study material you can afford, the book that has only the information you need, and the CD that you can listen to and understand easily.

With that said, be aware that expensive doesn’t mean good! You need to search around, read product reviews, buy from the most reputable sellers.

At Citizenship Coach, if you have $30 you can buy the best citizenship material, or, for just $20 you can study online with real people, at home (while drinking coffee!) do plenty of practice tests, learn English, and more. Go to their website www.citizenshipcoach.com and see what they have for you. Don’t forget to read what their customers said about their #1 best selling citizenship CD.

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