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Free! Online Citizenship Test with SurePass now!

Estará sentado frente a frente con el oficial de inmigración para responder a sus preguntas. Muchas personas dicen que se pusieron muy nerviosas. ¿Ya está preparado para la prueba de Ciudadanía?

  • No necesita manejar a una clase cada semana ,aprenda desde casa
  • Se sentirá menos nervioso cuando haga su prueba real
  • Practique las 100 preguntas de prueba de ciudadanía con vídeos interactivos.Es como practicar con un profesor simpático de ESL siempre que lo necesite.
  • Pruebas prácticas aleatorias, ilimitadas
  • Inglés, Español, Chino…y más
  • ¡Muy fácil de usar, solo señale y haga clic!
    Pruebas Prácticas de Ciudadanía en Línea

  • Haga pruebas prácticas con una persona real que habla correctamente Inglés, como un oficial de inmigración (USCIS)
  • Mejore su capacidad de escucha
  • Pruebas ilimitadas con preguntas aleatorias
  • Los exámenes prácticos de SurePass le dan más confianza. No se sentirá nervioso cuando haga la prueba real.
  • Grabe todas sus pruebas, vea su mejoramiento.
    Lecciones de Ciudadanía en Línea

  • Aprenda con profesores que hablan Inglés correctamente
  • Sepa las muchas formas en las que se puede preguntar las nuevas preguntas y las respuestas más fáciles de responder, palabra por palabra.
  • Mejore su habilidad de hablar
  • Responda a preguntas sobre su estado (Gobernador, Capital…)
  • Aprenda las palabras en Inglés que necesita saber para la prueba escrita
  • Consejos & Trucos, Favoritas y Revisiones
  • Inglés, Español, Chino..y más
  • Cada lección es corta y precisa, justo lo que necesita

“Es como estudia con un amigo. No necesita manejar a la clase todas las semanas. Simplemente aprenda desde casa.” Thomas Salazar (Profesor)


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Most immigrants find ways to pass the citizenship test. So, why “how to fail”? Well, if you don’t know the reasons then you’re more likely to fail. We have a few listed below – some are obvious, some are funny and probably you have never heard of. If you can think of one, please don’t hesitate to let us know:

    9 ways to fail the citizenship test:

  1. You study very hard… the old citizenship questions
  2. You don’t remember the questions and their answers
  3. You go fishing on the day of the citizenship interview
  4. You greet the USCIS officer with “what’s up?”
  5. You did not hear the questions – but answered anyway!
  6. “I don’t know” and “You don’t know?” were said too many times in the interview
  7. Instead of “Can you repeat the question?” you said “Can I see the question?”
  8. George Washington? who?
  9. They asked you “Where have you been in the past 6 months?” You answered “Prison”

If you want to pass the citizenship test, go to: www.CitizenshipCoach.com. They have everything you need, from CD, MP3, to online class (recommended.) You can pass, they can help.

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The way they study is good for the WRITTEN test, but bad for the ORAL test.

If English is your mother tongue, then how your learn may not matter. However, for ESL students, the way they learn does affect the result. When they learn from books or a DVD, they are more likely to succeed in written tests. However, the citizenship interview is an oral test, conducted face-to-face, meaning that the students don’t see the questions at all. The ability to listen to a question, understand it, and answer it correctly — all without looking at the printed questions — is crucial. Citizenship Coach says being not ready for an oral test is the #1 reason why immigrants fail their citizenship interviews.

So, what to avoid? Which is the right way to learn?

You must avoid studying for the citizenship interview from just books or DVDs… or other ways in which you can see the questions and answers. Of course, you must see the questions first. But after that, you should study one-on-one with a friend or a teacher, or online classes with video from SurePass Citizenship Test Online (if you can afford it – $9 to 20/month – then this is the best way. See why below.)

Here are some great methods:

  • Study with a friend: Ask you friend who speaks English well to ask you the questions, one by one, randomly, and you try to answer without looking at the questions. The goal is to put mind in that interview environment as much as possible so you can get ready mentally.
  • Study in Class with a teacher: If you can drive to a local class, your teacher will train you to listen and answer the questions.

Study in the comfort of your home, online. SurePass helps immigrants get ready for the citizenship interview via the internet.

  • Study online with SurePass Citizenship Test Online: This is the better option since it combines the 2 method I’ve just mentioned above. Created by Citizenship Teachers for ESL citizenship students like you. You can study at home or anywhere with internet access. Everybody is busy. Study with SurePass, you don’t have to drive to a class every week, or ask for help from your friends.

SurePass has one video for each question. So, if you don’t have a friend to ask you the questions, you can play the question videos and learn to listen to the interviewer, just like a real interview with a USCIS officer. If you don’t know how to answer, or want to know how a word is pronounced, you can play the answer video and it will show you exactly word by word.

Join the best citizenship test online class today at www.CitizenshipCoach.com

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