Most immigrants find ways to pass the citizenship test. So, why “how to fail”? Well, if you don’t know the reasons then you’re more likely to fail. We have a few listed below – some are obvious, some are funny and probably you have never heard of. If you can think of one, please don’t hesitate to let us know:

    9 ways to fail the citizenship test:

  1. You study very hard… the old citizenship questions
  2. You don’t remember the questions and their answers
  3. You go fishing on the day of the citizenship interview
  4. You greet the USCIS officer with “what’s up?”
  5. You did not hear the questions – but answered anyway!
  6. “I don’t know” and “You don’t know?” were said too many times in the interview
  7. Instead of “Can you repeat the question?” you said “Can I see the question?”
  8. George Washington? who?
  9. They asked you “Where have you been in the past 6 months?” You answered “Prison”

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President Obama is working with some members of the Senate to craft an immigration reform bill. This bill, supposedly, would put 10.8 million people one step closer to, not the border, but U.S. Citizenship.

Million of people living in the United States “illegally” would see a path toward citizenship. This path is hopeful to these immigrants, however, it’s not immediate or free. The administration is proposing that “undocumented immigrants” (inmigrantes indocumentados) would need to register, pay taxes and pay a penalty for violating the law.

Current “legal” immigrants have to take a citizenship test (naturalization exam) to be granted U.S. Citizenship if they pass. Therefore, we think if President Obama’s bill is enacted, it is certain that all “illegal” immigrants will still take the test (the latest version) and pass in order to obtain citizenship.

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Passing the new citizenship test is easier than you might think. Citizenship Coach – a leading company specialized in helping immigrants become naturalized US citizens – can help you. We guarantee 100% passing rate! Anyway, it’s easy to pass the new test. Here’s how:

1. Study the right citizenship questions: Remember, your interviewer will ask you the NEW questions only. If you bought a CD or a study guide with the old questions in it, then throw it away! Citizenship Coach has the new questions and answers in 15 languages for free to download. Go to the website (http://www.CitizenshipCoach.com) to download a free copy.

2. Use the right study aid: If you can learn the test materials by listening to a CD, then buy a good citizenship test CD. If you are a visual person, you want to see the questions and pictures, then SurePass citizenship test online class is perfect for you.

3. Know the format of the test: Remember that the U.S. Citizenship Test is conducted face to face. This means that you would not see the questions during the interview. Therefore, try your best not to look at the questions and answers. Instead, try to learn to understand just by listening.

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Which citizenship questions should I learn? Which one is easier? Well, forget about the old test, learn the new one. You have no other choice as of today!

Citizenship Coach has been helping thousands of immigrants study for their naturalization exam with their online class. For a very low study fee (as little as 25 cents a day) you can study for your test any time you want, with real people in streaming video. You can also learn pronunciation of difficult words.

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Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) September 28, 2009 – October 1st, 2009 marks the one year anniversary of the implementation of the new citizenship test. Most immigrants who take the test find it to be more difficult than its predecessor. It’s so hard, in fact, most natural born American citizens would fail it. Citizenship Coach™ is here to help. With the motto “You can pass the citizenship test. We can help!” they do indeed: Of the many thousands of immigrants who have used Citizenship Coach’s products and services, not a single one has failed the test yet.

How can Citizenship Coach help immigrants pass the citizenship test?

 To keep up with the implementation of the new citizenship test, Citizenship Coach has developed new innovations that are helping U.S. immigrants study and pass the test. The company’s online citizenship test class named SurePass™ is available 24/7. It is reviewed by Immigrant Community Examiner and others as one of the best and most innovative tools available today for immigrants who wish to become naturalized U.S. citizens. By using streaming videos, SurePass helps immigrants learn the 100 new citizenship test questions online and learn how to answer them correctly word by word, verbally – all without having to drive to a class. The online program has been very popular since its debut in 2008 because it is effective, convenient, and easy to use, especially for the non-web savvy users, to practice the citizenship test at their own comfort at home.

And now, Citizenship Coach is even giving back
For each product sold or a SurePass registration, a portion of all profit is being donated to various charities in an effort to help children and families around the world. These donations will be made through the American Redcross, WorldVision, Unicef and Huong Di. Timothy Nguyen, the founder of Citizenship Coach, said: “I came to this country as a poor person, from a poor family, with only $17 dollars my Grandmother gave me. In this land of abundant prosperity I found an education, a great job, and unlimited opportunities to serve. My fellow immigrants and I are called to continue the great charitable tradition of this country, and we are honored to do that.”

When purchasing a citizenship test CD, DVD, Mp3, or a simple study guide, Citizenship Coach’s customers are helping a child in Africa, Asia or in a remote part of the world. For example, last year Citizenship Coach helped build a small house for a poor family in Vietnam. This year they plan to triple that.

Your purchase of a citizenship test CD/MP3/DVD helps a child or a family like this.

Your purchase of a citizenship test CD/MP3/DVD helps a family like this. Citizenship Coach uses a portion of your money to help making their lives a little better.

Immigrants are helping themselves

Through the company’s website, they are offering the largest collection of the translated version of the new citizenship questions and answers in 15 different languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Amharic, Oromo, Rusian, French, Tagalog…, even more than the USCIS — and they’re all free to download . This collection is growing fast as more immigrants volunteer to translate the English citizenship questions into their own languages, and then share with their communities via this popular website. All products are designed with the advice, input and the recommendations of many citizenship teachers, immigration lawyers, and past customers. Nguyen said, “They’re helping themselves and helping others at the same time. It only happens in this country, and it’s a beautiful thing!”

It’s almost a year since the USCIS introduced the redesigned version of the Citizenship Test. Being the premiere company in developing study materials (online class, CDs, MP3, DVDs…study guides) for the new test, Citizenship Coach has helped tens of thousand of immigrants since the first day of the new test.

Hundreds of thousands of eligible immigrants have used the new citizenship test (if they apply for naturalization after 10/1/2008.) The consensus opinion from the immigrant communities has been that this new test is “much” harder than the previous one. However, most of the surveyed from Citizenship Coach’s customers indicated that they were pleased to learn the new questions. Some immigrants said that the new questions and answers helped them know more about the country they come to love and appreciate so much – the United States of America, specifically about the history, the government, and the tradition of this great nation.

Of the thousands of immigrants that studied with Citizenship Coach, not a single person has failed the test. Through the innovative online citizenship class called SurePass, or through CD, MP3, or DVDs, Citizenship Coach has done a tremendous job in accomodating their customers’ learning style and convenience. With SurePass online class, immigrants can study with interactive videos anytime, anywhere, 24/7. They can also listen to the CD or MP3 anytime – either while driving or doing house chores.

Raf A. Salinas from Costa Rica told Citizenship Coach (in Spanish) “Without you, it was impossible for me to pass my citizenship test. I’m not sure how people like me can pass the new test, which is harder, without your help.”

Citizenship Coach’s website – www.CitizenshipCoach.com – has the new citizenship questions in fifteen (15) languages! From the popular ones such as English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, French… to ones that most people have never heard of such as Amharic, Oromo, Tagalog… They also have Russian, Bosnian, Cambodian, Laotian, Thai… Citizenship Coach is in the process of developing new and even more innovative method to help a wider range of immigrants who don’t speak English very well.

In the coming year, Citizenship Coach’s mission is to become the #1 online and offline provider of the training materials for the US citizenship test. Citizenship Coach also wants to expand its effort in providing free or giving bigger discounts to citizenship teachers and volunteers nationwide. Along with those goals, Citizenship Coach is giving back to the communities aboard by donating a portion of revenue to charitable organizations such as the American Red Cross, World Vision, Unicef, Huong Di – with the focus on helping needy children and poor families.

For more information about Citizenship Coach, please visit www.CitizenshipCoach.com.

In 2009, it costs at least:

  • $695 to file the citizenship application – form N-400
  • $150 to have someone help you fill out the form and submit to the USCIS
  • $50 just to talk an immigration lawyer for the first time
  • $1,500 if you decide to hire the lawyer to help with your case
  • If you fail your citizenship test, it will cost you even more in time, appeal fees, application fees, and lawyer fees. Total cost would be a few thousand dollars more.

So, after paying all that, you’re still not a US citizenship yet! Time to study! You must take the test and pass, or you will lose all the money!

You get what you pay for. Make sure you get the best! Citizenship Coach's #1 selling citizenship CD in America!

You get what you pay for. Make sure you get the best! Citizenship Coach's #1 selling citizenship CD in America!

You will get a free CD from the USCIS (when you’re finger-printed.) But it is for “experts” in English – the material is read very fast; it’s hard for ESL audience to hear each word… If you don’t understand what’s in that CD, don’t worry, lots of immigrants don’t understand a word from that CD either. People said it well: “Nothing is free in America.”

If English is not your mother tongue, you need help. Visit Citizenship Coach website (www.CitizenshipCoach.com) and get their #1 best selling CD in the USA (study guides included in the package.) It will cost you a few dollars more, but the quality is so much better to help you pass your citizenship interview.

Visit Citizenship Coach website today to see how they can help you.

Visit Citizenship Coach website today to see how they can help you.

You get what you paid for. Don’t try to save just a few dollars. Make sure you buy from the experts you can trust at Citizenship Coach. By the way, you can study online, too, with SurePass Citizenship Test Online. Study anytime, at the comfort of your home.