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It’s almost a year since the USCIS introduced the redesigned version of the Citizenship Test. Being the premiere company in developing study materials (online class, CDs, MP3, DVDs…study guides) for the new test, Citizenship Coach has helped tens of thousand of immigrants since the first day of the new test.

Hundreds of thousands of eligible immigrants have used the new citizenship test (if they apply for naturalization after 10/1/2008.) The consensus opinion from the immigrant communities has been that this new test is “much” harder than the previous one. However, most of the surveyed from Citizenship Coach’s customers indicated that they were pleased to learn the new questions. Some immigrants said that the new questions and answers helped them know more about the country they come to love and appreciate so much – the United States of America, specifically about the history, the government, and the tradition of this great nation.

Of the thousands of immigrants that studied with Citizenship Coach, not a single person has failed the test. Through the innovative online citizenship class called SurePass, or through CD, MP3, or DVDs, Citizenship Coach has done a tremendous job in accomodating their customers’ learning style and convenience. With SurePass online class, immigrants can study with interactive videos anytime, anywhere, 24/7. They can also listen to the CD or MP3 anytime – either while driving or doing house chores.

Raf A. Salinas from Costa Rica told Citizenship Coach (in Spanish) “Without you, it was impossible for me to pass my citizenship test. I’m not sure how people like me can pass the new test, which is harder, without your help.”

Citizenship Coach’s website – www.CitizenshipCoach.com – has the new citizenship questions in fifteen (15) languages! From the popular ones such as English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, French… to ones that most people have never heard of such as Amharic, Oromo, Tagalog… They also have Russian, Bosnian, Cambodian, Laotian, Thai… Citizenship Coach is in the process of developing new and even more innovative method to help a wider range of immigrants who don’t speak English very well.

In the coming year, Citizenship Coach’s mission is to become the #1 online and offline provider of the training materials for the US citizenship test. Citizenship Coach also wants to expand its effort in providing free or giving bigger discounts to citizenship teachers and volunteers nationwide. Along with those goals, Citizenship Coach is giving back to the communities aboard by donating a portion of revenue to charitable organizations such as the American Red Cross, World Vision, Unicef, Huong Di – with the focus on helping needy children and poor families.

For more information about Citizenship Coach, please visit www.CitizenshipCoach.com.


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