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Exaliftin is a strange word that appears in the theme song of the World Cup 2010. What does it mean?

Sung by K’Naan, the Somalian-born and Canadian-based hip-hop singer, Wavin’ Flag  has become a sensation of the web. In his song “Wavin’ Flag” – the official anthem of Coca-Cola’s 2010 FIFA World Cup program, there’s a short sentence in which he sings about the enthusiastic atmosphere of the celebration. The popular version of the lyric uses the word “exaliftin”, which has no meaning in the English language. We think it is just a simple case of miss-transcription. The official definition of the word “exaliftin” is not a definition at all:

“In the streets are, exaliftin, as we lose our inhabition”
should be transcribed as “In the streets our / hands are lifted / as we lose our inhibition”

See the definition of “exaliftin” here: http://www.citizenshipcoach.com/exaliftin.php

Enjoy World Cup 2010, and may the best team win!


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