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President Obama is working with some members of the Senate to craft an immigration reform bill. This bill, supposedly, would put 10.8 million people one step closer to, not the border, but U.S. Citizenship.

Million of people living in the United States “illegally” would see a path toward citizenship. This path is hopeful to these immigrants, however, it’s not immediate or free. The administration is proposing that “undocumented immigrants” (inmigrantes indocumentados) would need to register, pay taxes and pay a penalty for violating the law.

Current “legal” immigrants have to take a citizenship test (naturalization exam) to be granted U.S. Citizenship if they pass. Therefore, we think if President Obama’s bill is enacted, it is certain that all “illegal” immigrants will still take the test (the latest version) and pass in order to obtain citizenship.

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Passing the new citizenship test is easier than you might think. Citizenship Coach – a leading company specialized in helping immigrants become naturalized US citizens – can help you. We guarantee 100% passing rate! Anyway, it’s easy to pass the new test. Here’s how:

1. Study the right citizenship questions: Remember, your interviewer will ask you the NEW questions only. If you bought a CD or a study guide with the old questions in it, then throw it away! Citizenship Coach has the new questions and answers in 15 languages for free to download. Go to the website (http://www.CitizenshipCoach.com) to download a free copy.

2. Use the right study aid: If you can learn the test materials by listening to a CD, then buy a good citizenship test CD. If you are a visual person, you want to see the questions and pictures, then SurePass citizenship test online class is perfect for you.

3. Know the format of the test: Remember that the U.S. Citizenship Test is conducted face to face. This means that you would not see the questions during the interview. Therefore, try your best not to look at the questions and answers. Instead, try to learn to understand just by listening.

Always remember, you can pass the citizenship test, we can help. For more information about the U.S. Citizenship Test and many ways you can learn, please go to www.CitizenshipCoach.com

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Unless you like the US citizenship test so much, you wan to take it many times (hahaha!) it’s worth it to spend some extra time (and even money) to find the best citizenship test CD that really helps you with your study.

If you do a Google search for a citizenship CD, you will see many websites and advertises offering CDs of all kinds. Some are good, some are very bad and should be avoided. So, how do you know which one to buy from? Which CD is best for you (and your pocket)?

Here are some tips to consider when shopping for a great Citizenship Test CD – one that helps instead of hurts you! They’re simple:

  1. Make sure you listen to audio samples. As far as I know (at the moment of writing this blog post) there are only 3 companies that offer free samples (2 are good, one is very bad and should be avoided.)
  2. Make sure the samples come from different parts of the CD. You want the whole CD is high quality, not just a small portion. Buy the CD that has many samples.
  3. This is the most important tip – Make sure the audio is read by a natural human voice. As mentioned, some people try to make quick moneys by selling CDs that are read by computers. While you’re listening, ask yourself this question: “Does it sound like a real person speaking?” Most CDs that are sold without free samples are read by computers. Stay far, far away. (Some are sold for cheap on eBay.) You’d want to listen to a CD that’s read by a professional voice-over artist, which has clearer voice and correct pronunciation for each and every word.
  4. Read reviews from buyers: The more reviews, the better. Buy the one with the most positive reviews. CDs that have reviews from citizenship teachers or immigration lawyers are best. Know what they like or don’t like about the CD, then make your own decision.
Citizenship CD produced by Citizenship Coach

Citizenship CD produced by Citizenship Coach has study guide included for just $30. If you can afford it, this is a great package.

So again, it’s true that you get what you pay for. Good CDs are sold for about $15-$40. Some bad CDs we see are being sold for $8-$25 (with extra stuff that you may not need.) So, shop around! Have fun studying for your citizenship test, and good luck!

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You just passed your citizenship test! You are now officially a United State citizen. Congratulations! Now what? The election season (with some of the most important elections) has just passed by without your votes. What’s next? What’s in it for you? See 6 top benefits of being a US citizen below.

More and more Citizenship classes are using SurePass Citizenship Test Online in class.

More and more Citizenship classes are using SurePass Citizenship Test Online. High-tech citizenship classes like this have become more popular thanks to Citizenship Coach's effort to empower citizenship teachers nationwide.

The right to vote is one of the most important right to every citizen. Those immigrants who had lived under opressive regimes can fully understand the right – not privilege – to have your votes counted. Casting your first vote as a United State citizen must be a great experience. Well, you will have more chances to vote in the future. As long as you remain a US citizen, your right to vote is not taken away.

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Voting right is not the only benefit of being a US citizen. Frankly speaking, if voting right is the only benefit, then most immigrants would not pay hundreds of dollars to apply and spend countless hours studying the citizenship questions, which have just been changed. And some of us who are US citizens don’t even bother to vote! So, with everything considered, what are the stronger motives for immigrants to become naturalized citizens? Below are a few:

  1. The right to petition family members to the United States: Almost all newly naturalized citizens that have relatives out of the states plan to bring them over: children, parents, or family members.
  2. Pride: New citizens are proud of their accomplishment. A citizen status means that they have been in the United States for awhile, that they have passed the citizenship test, and that they are now a legitimate member of the most powerful group of people on earth.
  3. Travel with ease: If you travel a whole lot outside of the country, you should be a citizen. It’s just easier traveling with a US Passport. More than that, if you get in trouble oversea, you can ask for help, and help will come!
  4. Work for the Government: This economy doesn’t spare anyone, even Government workers. But the Government does have great jobs, and these jobs do come to citizens only!
  5. Receive Social Security Benefits: The Social Security Benefit system is having trouble right now and talks of reformation still remain talks. But it it works out, you can receive benefits, of course, when you meet the age requirement.

There are so many other benefits, but those are the major ones. So, if you are a US citizen, congratulations! If you are not but studying for the citizenship test, keep on going! Get help with your test at Citizenship Coach. They’re there to help you pass your citizenship test with ease!

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